Police Arrest Producer of Home-Made Liquor Killed Dozens in Indonesia

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ANTARA FOTO/Raisan Al Farisi

Indonesian police arrested the boss of home-made liquor  manufactory in Cicalengka that killed at least 45 people in Central Indonesia.

Some 100 people have died in Indonesia this month from drinking toxic alcohol, who 45 of them killed in the West Java district of Cicalengka, police said.

Deputy National Police Chief Commissioner Gen. Pol. Syafruddin said police arrested the boss of alcohol producer, Samsudin Simbolon, in his own palm oil plantation in southern Sumatra on early Wednesday, ending his run for the past week.

"We have arrested the main perpetrator of the alcoholic case that cause many casualties," said Syafruddin, who use only one name.

Police held a press conference at Samsudin's luxury home, which was allegedly purchased from the proceeds of selling the illegal alcohol.

In addition to Samsudin, the police also determined his wife and two agents as suspect. They allegedly knew and helped Samsudin run the business that has been going on for the last two years.

Police are still hunting for four others who allegedly helped Samsudin blend the home-made liquor.

Police ensure that the alcohol contains methanol and ethanol which can lead to poisoning. Other ingredients are energy drinks and food coloring.

"The victims mostly experienced shortness of breath and difficulty breathing after drinking the alcohol," said Syafruddin.

In Indonesia, methanol is sold freely on the market, usually used for paint mixture.

In the process of investigation, police found an 18 meters x 4 meters bunker behind the house, which serves as a place to mix and store the alcohol. Police found more than 5000 bottles of the drinks ready for distribution and the ingredients.

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