Migrant Group Condemns the Beheading of An Indonesian Labor

By | March 19, 2018 Leave a Comment
Antara photo/Reno Esnir

An Indonesian worker was beheaded in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, which drew criticism from the migrant workers organization.

The Jakarta-based migrant worker organization Migrant Care said Muhammad Zaini Misrin was executed in Saudi Arabia on Sunday (18/3) at 11.30 local time.

"According to the statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did not inform about this execution (with conveying mandatory consular notification) to the representatives of Indonesia," said Migrant Care in a press release.

Zaini Misrin, a resident of Bangkalan, Madura, was accused of killing his employer in the city of Mecca in 2004. But the government was informed of Zaini's legal status when a Saudi court had sentenced him to death four years later.

"The execution of Zaini Misrin is a form of human rights violation, especially if it goes to his confession that he was forced to admit to the killing after pressure and intimidation from the Saudi authorities," said Migrant Care.

"In court proceedings until sentenced to death penalty, Zaini Misrin also did not get a neutral and impartial translator," the group said.

The Saudi Arabian Government, it said, violates the principles of international manners by never submitting the Mandatory Consular Notification either at the start of the judicial process with the maximum penalty and also the execution.

Before the execution, President Joko Widodo had send a letter to King Salman to review Zaini's criminal case.

The execution of death sentences against migrant workers has occurred several times in Saudi Arabia. In 2015, Siti Zainab and Karni were also executed without notification to Indonesia.

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