Two Indonesian comedians are tried in Hong Kong for Permit Violations

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By Staff Writer

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Two comedians from Indonesia were arrested and convicted in the Hong Kong Court on charges of violating immigration laws for appearing to joke at an event and receive payments using only tourist visas.

Two East Java comedians from the Guyon Maton group, Cak Percil and Cak Yudho, went on trial for the indictment at the Shatin Court in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

The two comedians were raided when they were about to start an entertaining event for Indonesians in Tsim Sha Tsui area of ​​Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Immigration Law prohibits all people who come to the city on tourist visas to become speakers, entertainers, or attend an event by receiving payment.

If the person comes to an event by receiving a fee, then he or she must first apply for an entertainment visa to Hong Kong Immigration, and not just enter the city with a tourist visa.

To obtain this entertainment visa, the artist must have a sponsor or guarantor organization domiciled in Hong Kong, and pay the same fee as the work visa.

While the tourist visa does not require a sponsor and is provided free of charge for 30 days for all indonesian citizens who enter through immigration gates at Hong Kong airport or port.

The violator of Hong Kong Immigration Act are subject to a maximum fine of HKD 50,000 and a maximum of two years in prison.

Indonesian foreign ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir said the government would provide legal assistance to both.

"In accordance with the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), the Consulate General of Indonesia will continue to provide legal assistance if necessary," Nasir said.

The two comedians are now in custody and in good conditions.

The previous similar case also happened to an preacher from Indonesia, Ustadz Somad, who was denied immigration at Hong Kong Airport to enter and bring recitation by the end of December 2017.

Ustad Somad and Cak Percil and Cak Yudho both went to Hong Kong on tourist visas even though they were aiming to perform at an event for a fee.

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