Indonesia's economic Growth Reach 5.07 percent in 2017

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By The Indonesianist

Photo: BPS

The Indonesia's Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) reports that country's economic growth during 2017 reached 5.07 percent, becoming the highest since 2014.

Such achievement was lower than the government target of 5.2 percent, although it was the highest since 2014 that amounted to 5.01 percent, 2015 by 4.88 percent, and 2016 by 5.03 percent.

"This means that the infrastructure development proceeds," said Bureau's head Suhariyanto.

He said Indonesia's source of economic growth in 2017 is manufacturing industry (0.91 percent), followed by construction sector (0.67 percent), trade (0.59 percent), and agriculture (0.49 percent).

"The sources of the last 3 years growth are from the processing industry," he said.

"So If it can increase the growth in the industry, the impact can be large, because it absorbs a lot of manpower and its contribution is enormous," said Suhariyanto.

Bank Indonesia Governor Agus Martowardojo said Indonesia's economic growth in 2017 is also in line with the increasing fundamentals of the economy. This is reflected in the maintained rate of inflation at the level of 3.61 percent (yoy), the balance of payments surplus that continues to 11 billion US dollars, and the stability of the rupiah exchange rate.

The central bank estimates that Indonesia's economic growth in 2018 will range from 5.1 to 5.5 percent.

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