Indonesian Police to Monitor Hoax and Hate Speech Accounts

By | February 15, 2018 Leave a Comment
By The Indonesianist

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The Indonesian authorities will monitor social media users who typically spread hoaxes and hate speeches ahead of regional head elections in the world's fourth largest democracy, police officials said.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the most number of counterfeit or duplicate accounts, in addition to the Philippines and India, according to Facebeook data.

About 2.13 billion Facebook users active per month, 200 million of them fake accounts.

"Anonymous accounts are increasing, used to deploy hoaxes and hate speeches in this political year," said Criminal Director of Ciber of National Police Brigadier General Fadil Imran as quoted by

"Social media is considered as one of the instruments to bring down political opponents by spreading false information, slander, black campaign, or hoax," he continued.

He said a lot of hoax news and hate speeches were spread by those who switched from personal accounts to fake or duplicate accounts. This fact was obtained by police after they held cyber patrol and arrested people who allegedly committed the crime.

Fadil urges people to always double check the identity of social media users, especially in Facebook, which actively produces information containing sensitive issues such as politics, race, religion.

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