Indonesia seize boat with one-tonne of crystal meth

By | February 11, 2018 Leave a Comment
By Staff Writer

Photo: Doc. Navy

The Indonesian navy has captured a fishing boat smuggling more than one tonne of crystal methamphetamine worth $1.2 million, official has said on Saturday.

Navy's Information section through a statement on Saturday said that crystal meth is disguised by being stored in 41 bags of rice in the hold of food and beverage storage.

The amount is estimated to save 5 million drug users with the assumption that 1 gram of the meth is consumed by 5 people.

MV Sunrise Glory was first spotted by navy patrol KRI Sigurot 864 on Wednesday afternoon as it entered Indonesian waters from the Singapore Strait.

Army personnel found that the boat was a fishing boat flying the Singapore flag with four Taiwanese crew members.

The ship was initially arrested for allegedly using false documents and often changed flags.

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