Indonesia Condemned the Death of its Migrant Worker in Malaysia

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Photo: Steven Sim/The Malay Online

Indonesian government condemned the death of its migrant worker who allegedly killed by her employer in Malaysia, the Indonesian top official said on Tuesday.

"What happens to our citizen is not acceptable," said Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi in Jakarta as quoted by

She guaranted the Indonesian representatives in Malaysia will oversee the case, including securing legal rights and compensation.

Adelina Lisao (21) died in the hospital in Malaysia on Sunday, allegedly being tortured and treated inhuman by her employer.

A day earlier, Adelina was found in front of her employer's house in Permai City Park, Penang City, Malaysia in a pathetic condition. Her legs were covered with burns and festering. A black Rottweiler dog tied a rope next to her.

The neighbor said Adelina was sleeping with a dog on the veranda of the house for the past month.

Malaysian police have arrested three people, including the employer, in connection with the case for murder.

This is the lastest case of the death of Indonesian migrant worker in placement countries because of inhuman treatment by employer.

Data from the Family of Indonesian Migrant Workers show that at least 226 Indonesian migrant workers died during 2017 due to occupational accidents, illness, violance, and murder.

Jakarta-based migrant worker organizations Migrant Care urged the Indonesian representatives in Malaysia to investigate the death, although it was claimed that she is an illegal migrant worker.

The right group suspected Adelina is a victim of human trafficking.

"This case must be resolved as a form of Indonesian government's commitment to the protection of its citizens abroad," said Executive Director of Migrant Care Wahyu Susilo in his written statement.
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