High-profile terrorist charged as Mastermind Behind Terror Attacks in Indonesia

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By The Indonesianist

AFP photo/Bay Ismoyo

The leader of a Islamic State-linked group Aman Abdurrahman was charged for masterminding of some terror attacks on Indonesia.

Abdurrahman is the leader of The Jemaah Anshorut Daulah (JAD), the terrorist group that carried out some terror attacks in Indonesia over the last few years.

Prosecutor indicated Abdurrahman has stired his followers to execute Church Bomb in Samarinda in 2016, Thamrin Bomb (2016) and Kampung Melayu bomb in Jakarta (2017), and two police shootings in Medan and Bima (2017).

"He's an intellectual actor in all the terror events that resulted in the deaths," said Attorney Anita Dewayani in a trial at the South Jakarta District Court on Thursday.

In Thamrin Bombing, Abdurrahman ordered four people to detonate a bomb made by JAD members in Cirebon, West Java.

He originally wanted the bomb to go off at Sabang Street, where a lot of foreigners pass through. However, the bomb exploded near a shopping centre and Starbucks cafe on Jan. 14, 2016.

"The defendant planned and mobilized another person to commit a criminal act of terrorism by deliberately using violence or threat of violence," said Dewayani.

Prosecutors said Abdurrahman's lectures affected some people became terrorists, who turned police and soldiers into targets.

Dewayani said Abdurrahman mobilized people in several ways, including by giving religious lectures in several cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Lamongan, Balikpapan, and Samarinda.

Abdurrahman told his symphatizer that Indonesia's democratic system is idolatrous and can cancel the Islamization.

"Muslims are required to break away from democracy," Aman said according to prosecutors.

Abdurrahman is also led the oath of some of his followers at Nusakambangan Prison to declare faithful to Islamic State.

The consequence of the oath is that they must fight with IS in Syria, but if they can not, then they have to fight in their respective countries.

Abdurrahman refused to be accompanied by legal counsel even though he was tried in a terrorism case that allowed him to be sentenced to death.

Abdurrahman was first imprisoned in 2005. At that time he was sentenced to seven years in jail for possession of explosives.

In 2010, anti-teror agency arrested him for allegedly financing the training of terror groups in Jantho, Aceh Besar. In that case, Abdurrahman was sentenced to nine years in prison.

He should be free from the prison in 2017, but Police arrested him because of links with several acts of terror.

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