Argentina Ambassador Appreciates Indonesia for Finding the Missing Child

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By Staff Writer

Alum Photo: Facebook

The Argentina's diplomat apreciate the Indonesian police for helping to uncover the disappearance of its citizen after a long search.

A 7-year-old girl Alum Langone Avalos is reported to have been escaped by her own father Jorge Gabriel Langone, after the court decides Alum custody falls into her mother, Elizabeth Avalos.

Langone and Avalos have been divorced.

Secretary of National Central Bureau (NCB) Interpol Indonesia Brigadier Gen. Napoleon Bonaparte said all sad when police and Argentina embassy separate Alum and her father.

"It needed more than three hours to separate them. The child was crying, her father was also crying, we were all sad," Bonaparte said as quoted

Napoleon said police found many books in Langone's backpacks to teach Alum such subjects at school.

"Her father is a semihippies, his hair is long, he was an artist, guitarist. He does not even send his daughter to school. But in his bag, there are many books he used to teach his daughter," he said.

Napoleon said Alum is a smart kid and good at speaking English despite living in an Argentine language environment.

Avalos reported the disappearance of Alum to the Argentine police and soon afterwards, Langone became a fugitive interpol.

Indonesian police found Alum, Langone and his girlfriend in Toraja, South Sulawesi on Wednesday. They began traveling from Argentina to Bolivia, Brazil, Malaysia, and ended up in Indonesia.

Argentina's ambassador to Indonesia Ricardo Luis Bocalandro said it appreciated the Indonesian police's quick response in search of Alum.

"Within hours, the man (Langone) has been secured so the situation is solved," said Ricardo to reporters in Jakarta on Thursday.

Alum and her mother had returned to Argentina as soon as she was found.
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